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This motor bike is simply amazing, the design by confederate has to be one of the best off the shelf street fighter looking bikes ever. The following text is found on the confederate website, i felt they could explain the bike a little better than myself..

The Hellcat Combat is presented as a limited edition variant of the second and final generation of the Hellcat series. The Combat features a design specific hand ported and polished head design, ultra high compression, special camshaft grind, retuned intake system, which harmoniously result in a 12% gain in rear wheel horsepower and a 4% increase in rear wheel torque. Front and rear compression and rebound suspension rates are recalculated for superior handling, more detailed feedback and increased rider control.

A new sport seat and Combat specific finish completes the machine. The result is an exotic balance of power and beauty. A discreet “Combat” insignia is engraved on the outer primary machined aircraft-grade aluminum timing chest.

Now if you are interested in purchasing one of these fine machines, then jump on over to –

But be aware that these are special editions and the production of this current model is limited to only 150.


These sneakers are seriously the Bomb! If i had the money and room i would buy 2 of every pair of these sneaks and wear a different pair everyday, unfortunately i cant afford that, but i can dream..

Now if you fancy a pair of these hand crafted pieces or artwork to place on your mantle or just to strut your stuff in, then please jump over to –

At the moment Brass Monki is in the process of setting up a store, As he says himself “the designs I put together are only concepts. If you would like to commision the making of a pair, please contact me at I am open to new design ideas you may have in mind and will always reply to any questions you may have!”

I personally would love to get a pair of Green Lantern court force or a set of Wolverine noir dunks. Any takers?

Here is another teaser brought to you by Madhouse, This time staring Wolverine. From the video itself i am getting a Vampire Hunter D sorta vibe from it, Wolverine for a start has the biggest mullet i have ever seen and hardly comes close to resembling Hugh Jackman. During the fight scene did anyone else think it was Vega from street fighter? Just me then..

Both teaser videos for the Wolverine and Ironman anime’s were shown at the San Diego Comic con, Now writer Warren Ellis says the anime is just a test, it’s intended to show off the style of the piece only. The story itself will be loosely based on the WOLVERINE miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller from the early 1980s. If it ends up anything like the old school series Ninja scroll then this should be unreal. Cannot wait.

This is Ironman animation as it should be, take note Nicktoons. I haven’t a clue who the enemies are in the clip, they don’t look like they could be Blacklash or the Living laser but they sure look like they wont go down easily. Anime has always had success with shows full of advanced technology and Ironman has quite a bit of that. Lets hope that the don’t just use the one suit but utilise all of Tony Stark’s numerous armours.

I would also like to see if they will bring in some serious players like the Hulk, WarMachine of even Captain A himself. So the action will touch down in 2010 sometime, hopefully in timing with the next instalment of the Ironman movie franchise.

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Welcome to the unsanity that is the unsaneproject, all of my posts on this blog will be what i am interested in and find funny/entertaining/amazing/colourful or any other reason i have thought of to put it on here! Please feel free to read and comment on any post that is here i will try my best to reply to you all (if anybody is out there!)
This is my first blog and hopefully not my last, so please be kind…
I will try my best to keep the Unsaneproject Blog up to date as much as i can, i will post as much up to date tech stuff as i think is interesting and will try my damnedest to always include a pic or two..
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