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The Team at 3M Littmann Electronic have created a Stethoscope that looks almost identical to a regular one but has the very handy extra ability of being able to record what it hears, for the most part this will be the patients pulse. This can then be sent directly to the bundled Zargis StethAssist software for a better analysis, the stethoscope relies on a blue tooth connection to send the recorded data so as long as the PC is within range can be constantly tethered.


The unit also includes noise cancelling electronics to help in hearing what is needed as well as the ability to reduce handling noise and as such does not come at a too cheap price:  $379 More info at: 3M Littmann

The Idea behind the unit is to allow for easier secondary opinion from colleagues, personally i am looking forward to the future songs featuring a heart as an instrument, Now to control the beat on that would take a few years to learn at least..


Personally i love it when two totally random tracks when thrown together become a new masterpiece. A resident DJ of Toronto, Jeff Locke known as LOCK3DOWN has been busy making bootleg mash-ups of some rather random couplings. One of the latest (shown below) is a mix of Nine Inch Nail’s song ‘Only’  and Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Billie Jean’ maybe as a RIP to the late singer.

Korn vs Coldplay after the break:

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Excuse me waitress there seems to be a hair in my breakfast? No wait, What? I don’t really understand why you would get this but each to their own and yes that is on top of somebody’s head..



Aussie’s are full of ingenuity, So when Ebay user bellscape_computers was faced with his third Red Ring Of Death on his Xbox 360 he decided that he would put it up for sale on Ebay. Now rather than just putting the RROD Xbox on Ebay as a dead games console, The machine undertook a magic journey of discovery and as you can see he managed to utilise the many uses of a RROD xbox360.

My favourite is the novelty key chain, Not only can you get the respect you seek from your gaming peers but if you lose your keys the Xbox has a distinct red flashing light to guide you back to them. The Current bid is at AU$16 so if you fancy this Swiss army Xbox tool then head on over to: XBOXRROD Happy Bidding!

All those rumours, speculation and desire have proven true, At the gamescom in Cologne Sony has finally announced the arrival of the New Playstaion 3 Slim! The new Ps3 Slim will hit shelves in September and retail around US$100 cheaper than its larger brother, It will include a 120GB hard drive had about two-thirds of is ungainly weight removed. Sony also claim that it will have lower running costs as it will use less power which in return will make it a little quieter as it shouldn’t get as hot as its older sibling. Looks wise the Ps3 Slim has gained more depth to the machine and also has the Matt finish the Ps2 had, which personally i think is great as the gloss finish attracted finger prints and grime way to quickly.

New PS3 Sim

Specs wise the Ps3 Slim stays pretty true to the original, Blu-ray Player, 2 x Usb ports etc, the main loss is Sony has removed the feature allowing users to install additional operating systems, So no more Linux or home brew games on the Ps3 which is a major shame. Backwards compatability has also been left out of the Ps3 slim package which again is a shame, But i guess that now it takes up less room you can simply place your Ps2 on its back to play older games .

I cannot wait to see some reviews on the Ps3 Slim, I am interested to see how the system handles the heat now its in a smaller body. I am overjoyed that its cheaper now, its smaller and now Activision can start making some good games for the Ps3 with no complaints. Anyone intending on picking one of these up? I see a great Christmas present… Hint, Hint..

A great new track by an equally greatly named band. Dananananaykroyd are a six piece indy rock band from Glasgow in Scotland, the following video is of their latest song ‘Black Wax’ from the album ‘Hey Everyone’ OUT NOW!

Get more info on the band at: Dananananaykroyd

Designer Eric Ku has set himself the challenge of  in his own words “Mission Redefinition – Is a series of exercises; Each exercise explore the idea of redefinition to a series of subjects through the application of graphic design”

Mission No.2 Chair/Chair has taken inspiration from the American artist Joseph Kosuth’s ‘One and Three chair’. As you can see the Chair itself is made up from the letters that make its name C,H,A,I and R. This is a very cool alphabet chair.


More Eric Ku can be found at:

The ‘Elevate’ Range created by designer Gillian Westley has been developed with the intention to stop mess being made on worktops. The range is being produced by the contemporary kitchenware company Joseph Joseph this includes 6 varied utensils with a rocker system and a weighted handle that keeps the implement from leaning away from the handle end. This also will aid in Hygiene in the kitchen keeping the work end of the spoon away from any surface other than the pot or pan.

More Kitchenware by Joseph Joseph can be found at:


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