I have just left the cinema after watching the movie, Public Enemies and WOW this movie has reminded me of what a good gangster movie can be like. The cast was exceptional, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Marion Cotillard just to name a few. Personally I felt that the real stars of the movie had to be the costume and set creators. Michael Mann has done a great job, I really felt that I was watching a movie filmed in 1930’s Chicago, some of the shoot out scenes throw you around with the camera a bit too much, leaving you with the feeling of slight motion sickness. Thankfully Christian Bale has lost the ‘Batman’ husky voice that seemed to transfer to the latest Terminator movie and instead he pulls of a successful American accent. Marion Cotillard as always portrays a believable role as Dillinger’s ‘gal’ and Depp looked like he really enjoyed the role, allowing him to put his full acting ability to use rather than playing the typical zany characters he seems to always play.

Personally, I felt that I never fully understood either of the main characters played by Depp and Bale. The filming and script does not show the depth of either of the characters, what a waste of great talents. If you are intending on watching this movie to find out more on John Dillinger, one of Americas most infamous characters you are probably better heading down to your local library.

I would still thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone, it has action scenes, romance and the historical aspect of the film is very interesting although not explained enough for my liking. The real reason I would advise someone to see this movie is that the sets, costumes, cars, guns, even the posters are amazing. The 1930’s has been brought back to the big screen with an entertaining story and great cast, if you like the age old classic bank robber movie then you will love this.

4 out 5 Mushrooms.