TinyIf this is actually real then imagine a whole family of them, maybe its a new robotic toy brought to us from Asia and will be the new Tamagotchi, remember those?

Just so you are all aware this is in fact a Tortoise and not a turtle, The oxford dictionary describes the Tortoise as a slow-moving land reptile with a scaly or leathery domed shell into which it can retract its head and legs. They normally have hard blunt feet much like an elephant which allows them to walk on sharp objects like rocks and sand, they live entirely above water, only wading into streams to clean themselves or to drink.

A Turtle predominantly lives continuesly in water either fresh or sea (depending on species) Their front feet are normally found as fins or merely webbed toes with streamlined back feet to help them swim. A Turtle has a flatter shell than a tortoise and is more often omnivorous, eating plants, insects, and fish.