Over at Muttpop Inc they have a series of vinyl figures based on the comic series ‘Luche Libre’ and they look great. Now ‘Luche Libre’ is Spanish for Free wrestling which is fought by Luchedores, Luche Libre the comic book series is written by Jerry Frissen, The story itself is based around a group of five middle aged Latino men, who don Lucha Libre masks and protect East L.A., together they face the likes of stereo stealing werewolves, Tiki warriors, deep sea greasers and rude gun toting rednecks. The Luchadores 5 never take their masks off and only respond to their Luchador names, although they consider themselves superheroes most people think of them as overgrown nerds.

Muttpop Inc has introduced a new version of the classic figure that started Muttpop’s Lucha Libre rotocast vinyl figure line. This revised edition comes with a newly designed full color box, refined colors, and blood splatter! Includes a removable poncho and rotating head.  Approximately 8.25″ (21cm) tall. This is a limited production and is available NOW, Muttpop dont do delivery to Australia though.  😦

From left to right we have: Tequila 2.0, Dr Destruction Original and El Panda Original.

Link to Muttpop Inc: Luche Libre Series