Now there are some amazing bits of information that you can find on the internet and today I feel a bit more informed, Although every time I learn something new it just pushes some old stuff out of my brain, this you eventually get used to as you get older.. (A hint: ‘SWAJ’)

So if you watch the movie Jaws backwards, its actually about a great white shark that keeps throwing up people until they open up a beach and everyone goes for a swim… As is shown below:

The dance scene near the end is a nice touch lol
There are numerous other movies this same process can be applied to such as the Karate Kid which is a touching story about a world class karate champion who slowly becomes a wimp and moves back to Jersey.



Loads more can be found at: Its an ongoing thread and is constantly being updated with other backward movie ideas. The best backwards movies are also available to buy on T-shirts, so go out there and show off your respect for the great white who couldn’t stop throwing up people.