All those rumours, speculation and desire have proven true, At the gamescom in Cologne Sony has finally announced the arrival of the New Playstaion 3 Slim! The new Ps3 Slim will hit shelves in September and retail around US$100 cheaper than its larger brother, It will include a 120GB hard drive had about two-thirds of is ungainly weight removed. Sony also claim that it will have lower running costs as it will use less power which in return will make it a little quieter as it shouldn’t get as hot as its older sibling. Looks wise the Ps3 Slim has gained more depth to the machine and also has the Matt finish the Ps2 had, which personally i think is great as the gloss finish attracted finger prints and grime way to quickly.

New PS3 Sim

Specs wise the Ps3 Slim stays pretty true to the original, Blu-ray Player, 2 x Usb ports etc, the main loss is Sony has removed the feature allowing users to install additional operating systems, So no more Linux or home brew games on the Ps3 which is a major shame. Backwards compatability has also been left out of the Ps3 slim package which again is a shame, But i guess that now it takes up less room you can simply place your Ps2 on its back to play older games .

I cannot wait to see some reviews on the Ps3 Slim, I am interested to see how the system handles the heat now its in a smaller body. I am overjoyed that its cheaper now, its smaller and now Activision can start making some good games for the Ps3 with no complaints. Anyone intending on picking one of these up? I see a great Christmas present… Hint, Hint..