The Team at 3M Littmann Electronic have created a Stethoscope that looks almost identical to a regular one but has the very handy extra ability of being able to record what it hears, for the most part this will be the patients pulse. This can then be sent directly to the bundled Zargis StethAssist software for a better analysis, the stethoscope relies on a blue tooth connection to send the recorded data so as long as the PC is within range can be constantly tethered.


The unit also includes noise cancelling electronics to help in hearing what is needed as well as the ability to reduce handling noise and as such does not come at a too cheap price:  $379 More info at: 3M Littmann

The Idea behind the unit is to allow for easier secondary opinion from colleagues, personally i am looking forward to the future songs featuring a heart as an instrument, Now to control the beat on that would take a few years to learn at least..