My first thoughts to this were ‘Stan Lee what are you thinking?’ and $4 Billion now that’s a nice round figure, I don’t know how much Mr Lee would be getting from this transaction but even a small amount of that would be a nice little pay check. This could effectively be a massive move not only for comic book lovers but also for movie lovers out there, The deal will bring together a well established comic book publisher with a one of the largest powerhouse international media companies in the world.

Marvel have most recently started producing its own movies based on the comic book characters they have created such as Spiderman, The X-Men, Wolverine, The Hulk to only name a few and have all become massive box office blockbusters. Mix that with the knowledge Disney have at creating blockbusters and here’s hoping that the movies can only get better!

Last summer’s “Iron Man” blockbuster earned just under $100 million over three days, the second-best non-sequel opening ever, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Iron Man” was the first Marvel movie to be fully financed and produced by the comic book company.

The Post’s Steve Murray has created an ‘imaginary’ memo that could have been used in the deal between the two companies:

Click on image to see larger version!
Click on image to see larger version!

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