A few posts back i mentioned how Top Gears very own James May is building a house totally out of Lego bricks for his show ‘James may”s Toy stories’, I now have a few more pictures of the building process. For structural reasons the building has a timber frame on the inside, i would also guess this maybe for legal reasons too. The bricks to the building are being made away from the building but look to be the same dimensions as a standard breeze block, This will clearly save time and hopefully make the build quicker than doing it single Lego brick at a time.

You can also see in the photo a working full size door! The whole building is said to be using more than 3.5 Million Lego bricks, Now doing a quick bit of maths here and yes that is more than you get in a standard Lego Creator Model Townhouse. Now to start work on a K’Nex bulldozer to knock the building down when he has finished with it. More pics should be up soon!