Everyone knows that i love stop motion animation so when busy on the net I stumbled upon this great japanese ukulele playing duo, One of the first things you will notice is how one of the band members plays a little under used instrument called a Pianica and that the members are in fact represented by two hand knitted (but extremely cute) soft toys. Their music is fun, peaceful and reminescent of israel kamakawiwo’ole if only for the Hawaiian inspired ukulele rifts playing throughout each track.

The duo give a better explanation of what makes them tick in the following vid:

More videos and music from U900 after the jump.

Walk don’t run features a funky track and a catchy chorus, Gabagabagababa, Check it out:

A song about DiamondHead in Oahu (Hawaii) was filmed at Enoshima (Japanese Diamondhead due to lack of funding), The video is still beautiful fun and yet another catchy track:

More info on the band at: U900

Cd Available here: U900 (beware its in Japanese)

Thanks to kerokerokingDX for the Videos.