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You may not actually be able to grill a whole bear just by using a knife, although Bear Gryll’s may know a trick or two on how to grill a bear using only twigs, a rock and some armadillo dung. The chances are that if you are out in the jungle/outback/forest/wilderness/underworld then you may need to cut something.

Presenting the Gerber 31-000752 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife with Serrated edge which features a 1/2 Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade (Good for cutting rope or animals tails), Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip (Don’t want your hands getting sore from holding this bad boy), Stainless Steel Pommel (Good for Hammering) and an Emergency Whistle (Neatly integrated into lanyard cord). The knife also comes with a handy Sheath which also contains a Fire Starter (striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade, Land to air rescue instructions, Diamond Sharpener (For on-the-go sharpening) and Priorities of Survival (The pocket guide of Bear’s survival essentials)

Know that’s a lot of stuff for just US$60, I think the main advantage though is knowing that Bear Grylls is with you in spirit as you may be in a situation faced with the fully open mouth of a 20 foot python or simply being chased by a mountain goat. Just remember to use the force.

Or the Knife, its up to you.



Madspin is a Melbourne based street wear clothing label, I recently visited their store in Prahan and purchased a Madspin custom made Hoodie. The range of clothing does have a Japanese street wear feel but it is fresh in its own take on the style, The clothing is made in Australia from Australian materials and as the label says ‘Made with Love in Melbourne Australia’.  They have both men’s, women’s clothing, hats and accessories ‘All Australian made and brainwaved’, We were even lucky enough to be served by Madeleine Spino herself (Can’t see were ‘Madspin’ came from).

MadSpin Store Prahan

All of the clothing is funky and there is definitely no lack of colour, Saying that though some of the clothing will not be for everyone as i wouldn’t recommend getting something for your Gran unless she enjoys breakdancing, Hip hop (Thats Hip Hop not Hip op) or graffiti. If she does like all of the above then she probably has something from the store already. Madspin is ultimately trying something new and it really does work, not only is the clothing great but the fact they use Australian materials and produce the clothing locally means its helping the Australian economy and really is making a difference. So if you like your clothing to be unique and to help make a difference then what are you waiting for?

Ps: They also have a sale on selected items at the moment!

Check out the latest range of Madspin clothing at: or Head out to: Shop 109, Greville St, Prahan, Vic 3181

Brass Monki has again come up with some more amazing Sneakers, Again the majority are request from followers to his website. They retail around the £200 thats about $390 of our Australian money. Another designer and custom Sneaker maker is Tim Sumner and he has come up with  the Obama sneaker for the Brass Monki range, This has to be one of my personal favourites!

To purchase hit up: &

ParadoxArtistry over at have just announced that they are taking orders for custom shoes! Woohoo! I believe that the world is ready for more custom designed sneakers with gaming’s classic moments on them, From Chun’li’s Spinning bird kick to Mario’s classic power up mushrooms or something as simple as a Nes Controller (Below).


So if you are in the market for a pair of shoes with your own requested design on hit the link: ParadoxArtistry Customs (You will need to have an account with but as the site says ‘Joining is Free and easy’)

She also has some other custom products available from Transformer cufflinks to a Naruto Leaf Village charm. Which all look pretty awesome!

More info over at: &

A few posts back i mentioned how Top Gears very own James May is building a house totally out of Lego bricks for his show ‘James may”s Toy stories’, I now have a few more pictures of the building process. For structural reasons the building has a timber frame on the inside, i would also guess this maybe for legal reasons too. The bricks to the building are being made away from the building but look to be the same dimensions as a standard breeze block, This will clearly save time and hopefully make the build quicker than doing it single Lego brick at a time.

You can also see in the photo a working full size door! The whole building is said to be using more than 3.5 Million Lego bricks, Now doing a quick bit of maths here and yes that is more than you get in a standard Lego Creator Model Townhouse. Now to start work on a K’Nex bulldozer to knock the building down when he has finished with it. More pics should be up soon!

All those rumours, speculation and desire have proven true, At the gamescom in Cologne Sony has finally announced the arrival of the New Playstaion 3 Slim! The new Ps3 Slim will hit shelves in September and retail around US$100 cheaper than its larger brother, It will include a 120GB hard drive had about two-thirds of is ungainly weight removed. Sony also claim that it will have lower running costs as it will use less power which in return will make it a little quieter as it shouldn’t get as hot as its older sibling. Looks wise the Ps3 Slim has gained more depth to the machine and also has the Matt finish the Ps2 had, which personally i think is great as the gloss finish attracted finger prints and grime way to quickly.

New PS3 Sim

Specs wise the Ps3 Slim stays pretty true to the original, Blu-ray Player, 2 x Usb ports etc, the main loss is Sony has removed the feature allowing users to install additional operating systems, So no more Linux or home brew games on the Ps3 which is a major shame. Backwards compatability has also been left out of the Ps3 slim package which again is a shame, But i guess that now it takes up less room you can simply place your Ps2 on its back to play older games .

I cannot wait to see some reviews on the Ps3 Slim, I am interested to see how the system handles the heat now its in a smaller body. I am overjoyed that its cheaper now, its smaller and now Activision can start making some good games for the Ps3 with no complaints. Anyone intending on picking one of these up? I see a great Christmas present… Hint, Hint..

Designer Eric Ku has set himself the challenge of  in his own words “Mission Redefinition – Is a series of exercises; Each exercise explore the idea of redefinition to a series of subjects through the application of graphic design”

Mission No.2 Chair/Chair has taken inspiration from the American artist Joseph Kosuth’s ‘One and Three chair’. As you can see the Chair itself is made up from the letters that make its name C,H,A,I and R. This is a very cool alphabet chair.


More Eric Ku can be found at:

The ‘Elevate’ Range created by designer Gillian Westley has been developed with the intention to stop mess being made on worktops. The range is being produced by the contemporary kitchenware company Joseph Joseph this includes 6 varied utensils with a rocker system and a weighted handle that keeps the implement from leaning away from the handle end. This also will aid in Hygiene in the kitchen keeping the work end of the spoon away from any surface other than the pot or pan.

More Kitchenware by Joseph Joseph can be found at:


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