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In conjunction with the release of the fully remastered 13 album box set of the Beatles, that can be listened to in its highest fidelity available and the Beatles Rock band computer game, I have put up the opening cinematic and the outro to the new game: (Beware it does get a little trippy)

I just love the look of these animations, I am a huge fan of the Beatles and these I feel are a great representation of the music that they made. I cannot wait to try this game and eventually own a copy, If only to pretend for a moment that i am one of the Beatles.

If anyone wants to buy me either the the Beatles Rockband game or the mono version box set please feel free to get in touch.


Everyone knows that i love stop motion animation so when busy on the net I stumbled upon this great japanese ukulele playing duo, One of the first things you will notice is how one of the band members plays a little under used instrument called a Pianica and that the members are in fact represented by two hand knitted (but extremely cute) soft toys. Their music is fun, peaceful and reminescent of israel kamakawiwo’ole if only for the Hawaiian inspired ukulele rifts playing throughout each track.

The duo give a better explanation of what makes them tick in the following vid:

More videos and music from U900 after the jump.

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Personally i love it when two totally random tracks when thrown together become a new masterpiece. A resident DJ of Toronto, Jeff Locke known as LOCK3DOWN has been busy making bootleg mash-ups of some rather random couplings. One of the latest (shown below) is a mix of Nine Inch Nail’s song ‘Only’  and Michael Jackson’s classic ‘Billie Jean’ maybe as a RIP to the late singer.

Korn vs Coldplay after the break:

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A great new track by an equally greatly named band. Dananananaykroyd are a six piece indy rock band from Glasgow in Scotland, the following video is of their latest song ‘Black Wax’ from the album ‘Hey Everyone’ OUT NOW!

Get more info on the band at: Dananananaykroyd


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