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I will be right back soon, i am just a little busy with other things at the moment…. sorry.


Ok i have recently purchased a new mobile phone, that of the Samsung galaxy S i9000 variety. Truth be told it actually rocks!! It runs Android and although i haven’t yet gotten around to installing the latest Froyo flavoured rom, i have managed to Root it and solve the issue of Lag with the one click lagfix found on the Android market and made by RyanZA. (Praise to you, Bloody Genius!!)

So i have installed Tweetdeck (has to be the best Twitter client app for Android) and have become almost addicted to it, which is nice. This has meant all free time has not been spent writing witty and informative posts on here but little humorous quips on Twitter.

Again i am Sorry.

Good news is i have found an app on Android market that allows me to post on WordPress via my phone, Nice. Being honest it doesn’t quite look as good as the beauty of the WordPress dashboard but it is practical and works.

More reviews to come in the near future…….

A school has recently banned tight fitting trousers that are “too sexy” for the classroom.. being called unacceptable and unhelpful they are distracting the students from their learning.

Yeah , no one wants to see their teacher dressed that way…

You may not actually be able to grill a whole bear just by using a knife, although Bear Gryll’s may know a trick or two on how to grill a bear using only twigs, a rock and some armadillo dung. The chances are that if you are out in the jungle/outback/forest/wilderness/underworld then you may need to cut something.

Presenting the Gerber 31-000752 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife with Serrated edge which features a 1/2 Serrated High Carbon Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade (Good for cutting rope or animals tails), Ergonomic Textured Rubber Grip (Don’t want your hands getting sore from holding this bad boy), Stainless Steel Pommel (Good for Hammering) and an Emergency Whistle (Neatly integrated into lanyard cord). The knife also comes with a handy Sheath which also contains a Fire Starter (striker notch incorporated into back of knife blade, Land to air rescue instructions, Diamond Sharpener (For on-the-go sharpening) and Priorities of Survival (The pocket guide of Bear’s survival essentials)

Know that’s a lot of stuff for just US$60, I think the main advantage though is knowing that Bear Grylls is with you in spirit as you may be in a situation faced with the fully open mouth of a 20 foot python or simply being chased by a mountain goat. Just remember to use the force.

Or the Knife, its up to you.


Directed by Paul Haggis and staring Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks. ‘Out November time’
The basic plot is: Happy married family gets torn apart when the wife/mother (Elizabeth Banks) is arrested and charged with murder, Husband (Crowe) decides she is innocent and plans to break her out of prison with the guidance of ‘the only’ man (Neeson) to break out of prison.

Sounds like an entertaining movie, not extremely groundbreaking but a pretty good action/ thriller.

There had better be a good twist at the end, Maybe the wife did commit murder or maybe Crowe did and that’s how he knew she hadn’t done it or what if Liam Neeson planned it all just to make life a little more interesting.. We will have to wait and see.

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Not that i need any reason to get excited about Transformers but the much loved 80’s robotic foreigners have finally arrived on Blu Ray. With voice acting from the likes of the legend Leonard Nimoy, Orson Welles (Citizen Kane) and Music from the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, What is not to be loved?

The movie has also been remastered and is included in the disc as the ‘Remastered Theatrical Wide Screen Edition’.  You also get the ‘Full Screen Edition’ amongst other things like the original trailer, TV spots, Voice actor biographies, Commentary features and extras, Animated storyboards, Deleted scenes and also a bonus episode of Transformers: Beast Wars. There is still even more on the disc that nostalgic’s out there will no doubt enjoy, Overall I think that the movie is best viewed whilst eating a big bowl of the most sugar filled cereal out there and about 10 inches away from the screen, Or is that just me then?

The release is obviously to coincide with the second live action movie adaptation of Transformers but for me the animation is still king and other childhood fans will love this new version, But be warned you probably wont need this if you have already purchased the 20th anniversary DVD edition.

Just so fun below is the Original trailer for ‘Transformers: The movie 1986’


The crazy thing is they are not the first Family to try this, If you Google ‘Family Motorbike’ You may well be quite surprised..


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