Not that i need any reason to get excited about Transformers but the much loved 80’s robotic foreigners have finally arrived on Blu Ray. With voice acting from the likes of the legend Leonard Nimoy, Orson Welles (Citizen Kane) and Music from the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, What is not to be loved?

The movie has also been remastered and is included in the disc as the ‘Remastered Theatrical Wide Screen Edition’.  You also get the ‘Full Screen Edition’ amongst other things like the original trailer, TV spots, Voice actor biographies, Commentary features and extras, Animated storyboards, Deleted scenes and also a bonus episode of Transformers: Beast Wars. There is still even more on the disc that nostalgic’s out there will no doubt enjoy, Overall I think that the movie is best viewed whilst eating a big bowl of the most sugar filled cereal out there and about 10 inches away from the screen, Or is that just me then?

The release is obviously to coincide with the second live action movie adaptation of Transformers but for me the animation is still king and other childhood fans will love this new version, But be warned you probably wont need this if you have already purchased the 20th anniversary DVD edition.

Just so fun below is the Original trailer for ‘Transformers: The movie 1986’


In other news the recently used Batbike seen in the most current Batman movie the Dark knight has hit a slight speedbump when Batman tried to turn it into the Bat Boat……. Drugs have yet to be found at the scene……..

BatBike - BatBoat

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The crazy thing is they are not the first Family to try this, If you Google ‘Family Motorbike’ You may well be quite surprised..

Madspin is a Melbourne based street wear clothing label, I recently visited their store in Prahan and purchased a Madspin custom made Hoodie. The range of clothing does have a Japanese street wear feel but it is fresh in its own take on the style, The clothing is made in Australia from Australian materials and as the label says ‘Made with Love in Melbourne Australia’.  They have both men’s, women’s clothing, hats and accessories ‘All Australian made and brainwaved’, We were even lucky enough to be served by Madeleine Spino herself (Can’t see were ‘Madspin’ came from).

MadSpin Store Prahan

All of the clothing is funky and there is definitely no lack of colour, Saying that though some of the clothing will not be for everyone as i wouldn’t recommend getting something for your Gran unless she enjoys breakdancing, Hip hop (Thats Hip Hop not Hip op) or graffiti. If she does like all of the above then she probably has something from the store already. Madspin is ultimately trying something new and it really does work, not only is the clothing great but the fact they use Australian materials and produce the clothing locally means its helping the Australian economy and really is making a difference. So if you like your clothing to be unique and to help make a difference then what are you waiting for?

Ps: They also have a sale on selected items at the moment!

Check out the latest range of Madspin clothing at: or Head out to: Shop 109, Greville St, Prahan, Vic 3181

Brass Monki has again come up with some more amazing Sneakers, Again the majority are request from followers to his website. They retail around the £200 thats about $390 of our Australian money. Another designer and custom Sneaker maker is Tim Sumner and he has come up with  the Obama sneaker for the Brass Monki range, This has to be one of my personal favourites!

To purchase hit up: &

Are you sick of all these so called “True Religions’? Well how about joining the church of Google, The Church Of Google believes a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity.


The religion of ‘Googlism’ has currently got 9 Proofs as to why Google is God, 2 of the more convincing ‘Proofs’ are; according to Google trends, the term “Google” is searched for more than the terms “God”, “Jesus”, “Allah”, “Buddha”, “Christianity”, “Islam”, “Buddhism” and “Judaism”Combined and Google is infinite , The Internet can theoretically grow forever, and Google will forever index its infinite growth.

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ParadoxArtistry over at have just announced that they are taking orders for custom shoes! Woohoo! I believe that the world is ready for more custom designed sneakers with gaming’s classic moments on them, From Chun’li’s Spinning bird kick to Mario’s classic power up mushrooms or something as simple as a Nes Controller (Below).


So if you are in the market for a pair of shoes with your own requested design on hit the link: ParadoxArtistry Customs (You will need to have an account with but as the site says ‘Joining is Free and easy’)

She also has some other custom products available from Transformer cufflinks to a Naruto Leaf Village charm. Which all look pretty awesome!

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Everyone knows that i love stop motion animation so when busy on the net I stumbled upon this great japanese ukulele playing duo, One of the first things you will notice is how one of the band members plays a little under used instrument called a Pianica and that the members are in fact represented by two hand knitted (but extremely cute) soft toys. Their music is fun, peaceful and reminescent of israel kamakawiwo’ole if only for the Hawaiian inspired ukulele rifts playing throughout each track.

The duo give a better explanation of what makes them tick in the following vid:

More videos and music from U900 after the jump.

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