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In other news the recently used Batbike seen in the most current Batman movie the Dark knight has hit a slight speedbump when Batman tried to turn it into the Bat Boat……. Drugs have yet to be found at the scene……..

BatBike - BatBoat

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I can’t really imagine this either being comfortable or practical.


This motor bike is simply amazing, the design by confederate has to be one of the best off the shelf street fighter looking bikes ever. The following text is found on the confederate website, i felt they could explain the bike a little better than myself..

The Hellcat Combat is presented as a limited edition variant of the second and final generation of the Hellcat series. The Combat features a design specific hand ported and polished head design, ultra high compression, special camshaft grind, retuned intake system, which harmoniously result in a 12% gain in rear wheel horsepower and a 4% increase in rear wheel torque. Front and rear compression and rebound suspension rates are recalculated for superior handling, more detailed feedback and increased rider control.

A new sport seat and Combat specific finish completes the machine. The result is an exotic balance of power and beauty. A discreet “Combat” insignia is engraved on the outer primary machined aircraft-grade aluminum timing chest.

Now if you are interested in purchasing one of these fine machines, then jump on over to –

But be aware that these are special editions and the production of this current model is limited to only 150.


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